25. mai 2022

Swiss Steel Group has been awarded a conformity certificate by TÜV SÜD for the Swiss plant Steeltec AG and its subsidiaries in Germany and Turkey

Lucerne/Emmenbrücke. As part of their decarbonization strategy, the Swiss Steel Group has had the carbon levels in production at its Swiss plant Steeltec AG and its subsidiaries in Germany and Turkey verified and the result is impressive. The focus of the baseline reference assessment was the entire production process from the steel melt to bright steel production at the Steeltec plants.

Tailored to the specific needs of every manufacturer, TÜV SÜD’s VERIsteel procedure maps all relevant processes and material flows to validate the CO2 emissions of the production process. This complex approach to recording CO2 emissions creates a transparent baseline both for individual activities as well as for the entire decarbonization process. The VERIsteel procedure is based on ISO/IEC 17029 and relevant international standards for reporting greenhouse gas emissions (such as ISO14064 and 14067, etc.). As part of the VERIsteel procedure, Steeltec has now successfully prepared the baseline reference assessment and is thus laying a relevant foundation for further decarbonization steps.

The results speak for themselves: while the industry average amount of CO2 released per tonne of crude steel produced in the blast furnace process is around two tonnes, the amount at Steeltec’s mill is just about 63kg (Scope 1 and 2), respectively 260kg (Scopes 1, 2 and 3 Upstream). Even when the entire production process is considered, Steeltec’s emission levels are very clearly below those of the worldwide industry average.

Proof of reduced CO2 emission in the production process is a competitive edge for the entire Swiss Steel Group. It sends a clear signal that the Group has taken active measures to address the climate crisis and is already able to offer customers products with much lower CO2 emissions. Frank Koch, CEO of the Swiss Steel Group explained: “Sustainable steel production based on EAF technology is part of our DNA. We will lead the change to Green Steel in Europe. We will consolidate our leading position in ecological steel-making and at the same time significantly increase efficiency. Steeltec is already one of the most efficient producers of CO2-reduced steel. Sustainability is not just a business mission to us. It is also our social duty.”


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About Steeltec

Steeltec produces quality, engineering and free-cutting steel as well as special bright steel for the automotive, machinery, hydraulics and apparatus engineering industries. The largest production site is at Emmenbrücke in Switzerland with a steel and rolling mill as well as two bright steel plants and around 750 employees. Another 250 people are employed in production and sales units in Germany, Denmark, Sweden, and Turkey. To produce long steel products, Steeltec recycles 650,000 tons of steel scrap every year. This is over half of the scrap produced in Switzerland and makes Steeltec one of the largest stakeholders in the recycling economy. The company is part of the Swiss Steel Group with its headquarters in Lucerne. The Group has 10,000 employees in over 30 countries.