Always close to our customers.

Since the mid 2000s, the company has been active in promoting and marketing the products of our mills: Deutsche Edelstahlwerke, Ugitech, Steeltec, Finkl and Sorel.

Swiss Steel Romania has organized its operation around one sales office located in Bucharest and a warehouse located in Brasov. This set up allows the full promotion of our products and then to adjust to the customer requirements in terms of supply chain: mill direct , supply chain management and distribution.

With a strong footprint in the markets of engineering steels and bright steels, Swiss Steel Romania has more recently developed tool steel and stainless steel long product sales.

The location of Swiss Steel Romania’s warehouse in Brasov allows a good service on the main industrial basins of the Romanian markets.


Swiss Steel Romania S.r.l. – Bucharest
Str. Aurel Vlaicu nr. 126
Parter, sector 2
020099 Bucharest
Phone: +40 (0) 311073779

Bogdan Stoicescu | CEO
Phone: +40 (0) 311073779